El Clasico: Barcelona vs Real Madrid in Google Search Trends

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Everytime el Clasico Barcelona vs Real Madrid comes our way, football (soccer) fans around the world start talking about one of football’s biggest rivalries. Besides talking about the game, people also start searching on the web for keywords like Barcelona FC or Real Madrid C.F.

Thanks to the free service Google Trends, we are now able to find insightful information about El Clasico. Google has stored web searches for a long time and can now provide us with intriguing analytics.

Interest over time in the last five years 2010-2015

According to Google Trends, the numbers shown in the chart represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart. So,in April 2012, the keyword “Barcelona FC” was searched the most times during the last 5 years.


  •  Worldwide, people look for Barcelona FC more often than Real Madrid F.C
  • April 2012 was when most people searched for Barcelona FC or Real Madrid F.C.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo dove for a PK and Messi was man of the Match – just kidding 🙂 or true? 😉

Regional interest By Country

Numbers represent search volume relative to the highest point on the map which is always 100.These are the countries where most people search for “Barcelona FC” or “Real Madrid C.F”

F.C. Barcelona


Real Madrid C.F



    • From a first look, you can notice how several African, Middle East, and Central American countries show up on the top 10 list. It would be interesting to research a little further why these countries are on this list


    • Barcelona and Real Madrid should probably have a tour to the African continent


Regional interest By City

These are the cities worldwide where most people search for “Barcelona FC” or “Real Madrid C.F”

Barcelona F.C

Real Madrid C.F


    •  Apparently, in the city of Barcelona people like their team so much that they google “Barcelona FC” the most around the world!


    • If you are walking in Madrid, there are chances you might encounter several Barcelona FC fans. Madrid was 4th on the list for searches on “Barcelona FC”


    • If you want to walk into a bar full of fans from both teams, you should probably head to Baghdad, Guatemala City, Lagos, or Casablanca!


    • James Rodriguez is probably making people from Colombia look for Real Madrid F.C. more often (Bogota and Medellin)



“Barcelona Real Madrid” keyword search


“Lionel Messi” and “Cristiano Ronaldo” keyword search

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    This is great! !!! Even where we think futbol is not as popular…it makes you release futbol is in fact THE BEAUTIFUL GAME