[Video] How Shazam uses Big Data to predict a BillBoard hit song

During the Strata + Hadoop World Conference in London, Shazam’s VP of product Cait O’Riordan talked about how the data from the app’s 100 million active users is used to predict which songs will break the BillBoard music charts.

According to their website, Shazam Music app is a mobile app that “recognizes music and TV around you”. Every time an user uses their app, they collect valuable data about user preferences in music.

One of the most amazing facts that Cait O’Riordan’s stated during the keynote, was that Shazam uses Big Data to predict when a song will reach number 1 in the charts 33 days in advance. That is very impressive on their part and all of this is possible thanks to Hadoop and Big Data frameworks.

Predicting a Billboard Music Hit with Shazam Data – Cait O’Riordan